Her addiction!

She was just five

when she did it first,

Too depressed of life

It became a lust!

She was 2 when her mother died

Now her father left her as well

But she never cried,

and there was a reason why?!!

Till she was ten,

She did it over and over again!

She had become an addict!

In a corner she would sit

and do it!

Other kids would love to draw or play or sing

but there was just one thing she was addicted to

and this one thing

was a BOOK!

A book that her father wrote

A beautiful tale it told

before he died he left a note

“This was how i met your mother,

and maybe we were meant to be together!”

Oh! how I WISH!

Hello Everyone! its been so long since I updated my blog. If I say it was just because of my exams I’d probably be lying cause the thing is I have not been getting any ideas lately. But today I decided to post something/ anything even if it doesn’t make any sense.

When I try to picture my-future-self, I see a fat and ugly but sweet woman sitting in front of a computer screen working and having pizza at the same time answering my phone call and saying “Yes ma’am, the investors want to have a meeting with you as they are dying to invest in your project!”.

What you thought I was the fat and ugly woman? Nah! She is India’s best CEO’s secretary and I am the CEO. 😛 okay I’m sorry I know that was too much exaggeration but that’s on my list.

  1. I want to be a successful CEO of a company someday.
  2. I want to travel around the best places in the world with my prince charming/ my best friend (actually I’d prefer my best friend)




  1. I want to own an apartment with my best friend


4.My cousin is a HUGE-GYM-FREAK so I would want to gift him a gym themed house :’)

5.My another cousin is a hardcore foodie(just like me), an amazing photographer (especially food photography) and also soon going to be a chef so someday I want to start a food magazine with him where he’ll do the photography, I’ll do the review and my GYM-FREAK brother can write about nutritional value and ish 😛


picture credits: Abhishek Thakur

6.I want to meet AR Rahman , Superwoman, Avril Lavigne someday and tell them that without them I would have been emotionally and mentally scarred and that they give me the power to fight back all my problems.

7. I want to be a vigilante at night and a CEO in the day just like The Arrow 😛3

8.I want a room like this


9.I want to give a lot of love to my parents in every way possible and keep them happy forever.

10.I want to be a good blogger who updates her blog weekly once without fail *teethy smile*

It’s all about the imperfections

Writing 101- I write because…

The day just feels incomplete If it goes with my mother not yelling at me for not cleaning my messy room or like giving the “THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR PHONE” speech (you may find a dinosaur but this day is impossible to find -.-)

Leaving Chennai was heartbreaking in many ways like leaving my old friends and leaving vadai curry .

But it was nice in a way cause I always knew how much they meant to me but after this I came to know how much I mean to them 🙂 and also that even these 217.48 miles cannot come between our friendship.(thanks to instagram, whatsapp, facebook, snapchat, etc. 😛 ).

Okay so about the vadai curry (a special dish of tamil nadu) it still heartbreaking but the amazing kara bun,potato bun(famous bakery items of Karnataka) and the thatta idly(karnataka’s speciality) has kind of made up for the loss.

Also because of this experience I got to meet a totally amazing bunch of new people and made some really nice new friends.

But because I still am trying to fit in and in the process I get alone sometimes. But that’s totally fine because I learnt that being alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely. I have my music, my food, my movies, my t.v. series and my parents who are my all time best friends.  :’)

So now let’s get to the point. I believe that life wouldn’t be perfect without these little imperfections and I write because I love sharing the joy of these little imperfections. So one should appreciate everything that happens in one’s life because it’s for a reason and it just makes them a stronger person.

Yours sincerely,

Imperfectionist girl


p.s. i am posting this superrrr late cause exams :/

A perfect day followed by a normal day!

Sometimes you dont need something super amazing to happen to make your day but what enough is that nothing goes wrong.

Yesterday was one of those days I had. Everything was going just right.

·         I woke up 1 minute before the alarm rang (biggest accomplishment)
·         I did not make the school bus wait for me as I was there at the stop on time.
·         I got appreciated by my teacher for completing my homework while had not.
And what was like the chocolate sauce on my perfect brownie was that I got a new follower on my blog
·         And they said they liked my writing style.
Like woahhh!!!  In this world of blogging filled with so many talented bloggers someone actually stopped by my stupid blog and appreciated it. And I was just like
And now the chocolate chips on the brownie (because it’s incomplete without them) was that the local news said that the govt. had declared a holiday in all schools due to some strike.
Wow just great!! So I stayed up till midnight watching tv and then I switched off my alarm for the next day and slept.
But wait my life and normal?? Its impossible so I woke up today at around 10 in the morning and I saw my messages and apparently my principal had changed her mind about the holiday and we were supposed to go to school and I missed it. For which I will be screwed tomorrow at school by my teacher.
Afterall , I’m just another imperfect teenager.

Raksha Bandhan: A bond stronger than NaCl =’D

Today is blogging day and all I can think about are my two of my brothers because its raksha bandhan. I am a single child and the brothers I am talking about are my cousins. One of them is 5 years elder to me and the other 10 years. They both live in Chennai and today is the first time we are not together on this day as I shifted to Bangalore with my parents last summer.
The relationship with my younger brother has been like a rollercoaster ride. We’ve had ups and downs but altogether it has been great. When I was hardly a few months old and my brother was 5 he used to tell my mother about how when I go to college he will buy me cars of 5 different colours with matching clothes and rubber bands each for one week day from Monday to Friday (ain’t he just adorable). Then came a time when I was 5 years old and he was 10 and I would always request him to play pretend with me (btw my pretends used to hardcore girls types) which he absolutely hated playing as a 10 year old boy who liked hot wheels and power rangers but he would play with me anyway just to make me happy. When we grew a little older we came to a phase where we fought for everything from the tv remote to the last piece of cake but he always lost because he could never see me cry. Now we are at a point where we just take a walk back down the memory lane and laugh at our own stupidity. Our bond is now stronger than any chemical bond ever discovered by any scientist.
But all through these years my bond with my elder brother has pretty much been the same. He being the eldest kid of our family has always been the mature one. He was always there for me to wipe my tears whenever my younger brother made me cry. He was always there to listen to my STUPI-TEENAGE-GIRL-FIGHTS problems after returning from a tiring day in college. He was always there to encourage when something went wrong or I felt low about something.

I guess I have provided enough evidences to come to a conclusion that they mean the world to me. I miss them to the moon and back and there’s nothing much I can do about it though. So here I am eating our all time favorite cheese wafers wearing the batman wrist band they gave me writing this post for them ❤ . Oh yeah I am going to watch our all time favorite movie “Kung fu Panda” just hoping to meet them soon.   IMG_20150829_165342

When Imperfect seemed so Perfect!

At the initial stage of writing your own blog you really don’t know how far you’re going to be able to take this? Or if you are ever even going to have visitors or your blog is just going to be collecting dust in some corner of THE-MAN-MADE-HUGE-PROBABLY BIGGER THAN THE EARTH-WORLD called the internet. Well I’m at that stage right now and I could totally say that “HELL YEAH IT IS A HERCULEAN TASK”. But also I just chose to do this because I wanted to do something new and different and I thought let’s give writing a try.
Or probably I was just having one of those moments where some people just go “OH MY GOD! IM A PAINTER” just because they splashed a cup of tomato puree on the wall and it looked kind of nice accidentally -_- oh yeah and they were cooking because they thought “OH MY GOD IM SUCH A GOOD COOK” just because they sprinkled some pepper instead of salt on the cucumber accidentally. Well yeah similarly I have one of the I-COULD-BE-A-WRITER moment currently. *LOL*
I often found myself talking to myself about how everything in life good or bad has a purpose of it happening and HEY!! It sounded super cool so I thought why not share it with other people? So now step 2 I started thinking of ways how to share them and they were two Vlogging and Blogging. I’m good at talking and writing aint my cup of tea but I still chose blogging why you ask? Because my brain said “HEY!! You are not superwoman!!!” and I laughed and I had one of those rare moments where I agreed with my brain 😛  .
So I said to that part of my brain who said I can’t write “YO! Chill BRUH no matter how bad I am at this im gonna change your cants to can and my dreams to plans. And then you can take your ass put it with my bad and BAM!!! That makes me badass B) “ .
It was difficult creating my blog because it was a spontaneous decision and hence I had no idea about the theme of my blog or what should it be all about and stuff. It was like I didn’t know where to go but I was already with my scooter giving it a kick start. But what I did want was it to be perfect. So I thought of the title “Just another average teenager” cause and I really liked that idea and when I went to create that it was already taken and I was all “Who am I kidding!” and then trying to search for an alternative and I found “Just another Imperfect Teenager” and I was like woah!!! This is nice cause average is just normal or usual and normal and I together sounds like an oxymoron . I’m anything but normal and that why I thought ‘Imperfect’ was PERFECT! I am imperfect I have faults and I’m defective, I make mistakes, I regret, I cry but then at last I also learn, so that’s how I found perfection in myself. I am just perfect at being an imperfect teenager and that’s what my blog and my life is all about .That moment when perfection was just around the corner in that little imperfection of mine.
BTW, just a little math
THEREFORE, MY BLOG = MY LIFE [By euclid’s axiom:  Things which are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another.]
  • Hence, proved. 🙂 


Getting started : Happy 376th b’day Madras _/\_

From like a few months I just randomly have been having this urge to write my own blog. But something always held me back. But today I have no idea how I got the courage to do this and I just told myself that ‘if you wanna do something the first step is just simply to get started ‘ so I grabbed the keys of my scooter called life and gave it a little kick start and drrrrr………drrrrrr…..drrrrr… Here I am clueless yet excited about this new journey called “Just another imperfect teenager”

Being a chennaite I don’t think there is any other day better than The Madras day to get on to this route.

I was born in chennai and I absolutely love everything single thing about this place. So not wasting another second let’s have a look at chennai’s awesomeness from A-Z shall we?

Anna library being Asia’s largest library is also chennai’s biggest pride.

Adyar is just a perfect dream place to live in because of the amazing food joints and shopping hubs it had got.

Besant nagar aka Bessy !!! The place where you can click DSLR pictures and post them on facebook with captions that are deeper than the ocean ! =P cuz a chennaite’s fb profile is incomplete without a pic with the sea!

Cinemas cuz the excitement of the people is just toooooooo real whenever namma thala Ajith or Thalapathy vijay’s movies releases!

Dosa Masala dosa? Ghee roast? Ragi dosa? Dal dosa? Rava masala dosa? Rava onion dosa? Uthappam ? Aapam? Cheese aapam? *breaths*

ECR From the crocodile bank to the amazing resorts. Also paintball =D ❤ is found in this amazing place called East Coast road.

Filter coffee or rather filter kaapi. This hot yet amazingly refreshing beverage just never fails to wake you up in the morning!

Guindy snake park Funny story: when I was a kid I always refused to go there because I thought the snakes just moved around freely





Someone laugh please?

Hanuman temple in nanganallur. I had to mention this because this place was the first place I was allowed to go alone (I was 5 back then) and also the pongal over there blows my mind!! *_*

Idly unga ooru chappati kuruma enga ooru idly pola varuma! B)

Jagannath temple in ecr- I’m not really a spiritual kind of person who loves going to temples also not like I’m against it but its just that I’m not a huge fan but this place’s sabudana khichdi prasad though!! XD

Koyambedu is the heartbeat of chennai. The vegetables from here keep us healthy and also not to forget the first metro in chennai started from this place.

Lighthouse The picturesque view of the ocean is best from this god damn place!

Machan vada Mylapore la Maami veetle Murrukku saapdlam! (Waddup taMil reference)

Nanganallur also known as the temple town of chennai the beautiful tam bram area I was born in ! ❤ ^_^

Oscar nayagan A R Rahman!! #prideofchennai _/\_

Phoenix I know its just a mall that every city has but with this particular one I have 1000 memories!!!

Queensland cuz after all who doesn’t love theme parks!!!!! B)

Cause if you have not watched a Rajnikant movie or not had sambhar idly from Ratna cafe or sandwiches from Royal sandwiches your life is INCOMPLETE!!

Satyam cinemas I’ve had the taste of heaven in just a sip of cold coffee a bite of cream donut and a large popcorn with extra seasonings all at this one amazing place !!

T nagar From chennai silks to sarvana stores you can find all of the best shopping hubs in this mindblowing place Ranganathan street in T nagar.

Uthaandi The place where you can have the best weekends at the awesome resorts that this area has!

Vinayagar No matter you find a policeman in every street of chennai or not but you surely will find our little friend ganesha so all the criminals out there watch out! =P

Also Vadai curry is just the bomb! ❤

Whistle podu Namma ooru chennai Ku periya whistle adinga *whistles* =D

Cuz the X mas celebrations in Santhome besilica church are just rocking!

YMCA where I went to see the besttt eveerrr A R Rahman concert “Thaai manner vanakkam” a few years back

Zaitoon from velacherry to vadapalani in wherever you turn and check out you’ve got this amazing food joint nearly everywhere!

Not only that we also Zaica zameendar and zamrud B) cuz we rule!!!!!

So here’ to my first blog post!!!

*finally breathes*